'Raising Hope' Wedding: Jimmy And Sabrina Tie The Knot

With a very blatant nod to the filming style of "Modern Family," it was time for Jimmy and Sabrina's wedding on "Raising Hope." Sabrina's family hooked them up with the cameras to film the episode like this in lieu of actually coming to the wedding. What the cameras captures was that it wasn't the perfect day the happy couple thought it was, thanks to a lot of hard work on the parts of Burt and Virginia.

Jimmy and Sabrina had no idea that Reverend Bob refused to do the wedding because of some old beef with Maw Maw, or that Hope's serial killer mother, Lucy, had survived yet again and was determined to ruin the day. Burt got some help from Lucy's father in wrangling the psychotic woman and getting her sent back home. While she didn't "die" this time around, Burt spoke for the show in saying it's getting a little old having her show up every year to try and destroy something. Read More..



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