'Pretty Little Liars': Alison was pregnant?!

There were a couple big bombshells on "Pretty Little Liars" this week, both for the characters and for the viewers. First off, Alison was pregnant?! That's certainly what the show is insinuating by showing the flashback of Alison telling Cici she was two weeks late getting her period. She also remarks that the "beach hottie" who is presumably the father would "kill her" if he found out. Sounds like pretty good motive for murder to us. The coroner's report that initially gave us pause was explained by Emily and her internet-fu -- Ali was really early in the pregnancy and her body was buried for over a year before it was found, so the evidence of a pregnancy wouldn't necessarily be there. That makes sense, though we aren't entirely convinced Ali was still pregnant at the time of her death.It also turns out Officer Wilden was in Cape May at some point too. Is he...



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