Deception Season 1 Review “One, Two, Three…One, Two, Three ” – Who Did What?

Talk about twists and turns, am I right? I know Edward is back on top as the prime suspect, but it’s not like Julian is out of the woods, either. Crazy times. Where do I begin? Well, I guess I’ll begin with the lesser of the storylines:

Kyle and Mia: I don’t know what to make of Kyle. I can’t tell who’s side he’s playing on, and I guess that’s a good thing. We do need to keep the show going on, after all. I do like how Sofia put him in his place, though; I believe her when she says she’s going to eat his heart. We don’t exactly know everything this family is capable of. I liked the scene for another reason; Katherine LaNasa is a trained dancer and choreographer, so it was fun to see her in her element.



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