The Biggest Loser “Waist & Money” Season 14 Review

As this week’s episode of The Biggest Loser kicked off, Danni felt the weight of being the lone, remaining member of Jillian’s white team. If there was ever a trainer equipped to help Danni get past her feelings of loneliness and push to stay on the ranch, it was Jillian. Rather than taking the tough love approach, Jillian checked in on Danni, ran with her and worked to make sure Danni felt supported.

The red, white and blue teams went green this week, as they learned about eating healthy on a budget. The contestants found an empty kitchen and a note from Alison instructing them to meet her at the supermarket. The contestants learned that they would receive $10 a day to spend on healthy meals. Not only were the contestants to challenged to make smart food choices on a budget, they also learned that they would be timed – 15 minutes to accomplish their goal.


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