Sons of Anarchy: What Should Gemma Do Now?

After watching Kate Sagal's gripping scene in the season premiere of Sons of Anarchy's second season, it's only natural for fans to wonder what will now happen to her character Gemma. Will she plot her sweet revenge right away? Or will she carry on as if nothing happened?

Warning: This article may contain spoilers!!!

If you haven't seen the season opener, you can check out my review here. In a nutshell, Gemma was abducted and raped over and over again by a white-supremacist gang, who has come to Charming with the intent of shutting down SAMCRO's illicit gun operations.

Now Gemma's not the type who would easily back down on threats but experiencing something horrible as that will certainly put a dent on her spirit. I suspect that it may even take some time before the club finds out about what happened to Gemma and I was right. Sagal reveals to the Chicago Tribune that she doesn't want to tell her husband Clay or anyone for that matter what happened since "Gemma's no. 1 priority in her life is to protect her family. I think that these are people that cling to that unit because they're kind of displaced in the rest of the world. That's the way I always thought of it. So this [Sons of Anarchy] family unit is her son and then the rest of the guys. She'll go to any lengths to protect it and she really realizes that these are violent men. If that information is given to them, they're going to seek revenge and there'll be a war and you know it puts them in major danger. Her prime motivation for keeping the secret is to keep her family safe."

While keeping her family safe is Gemma's number motivation for keeping her secret, I'd like to think that it's also about the shame that comes from that awful experience. After all, Gemma has always been a strong woman whose strength lies in her sexuality, and letting the club know her secret will put her in a very vulnerable position.

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