Vegas Season 1 Review “Road Trip”

I’m not entirely sure what to say about this week’s Vegas. Ralph kind of took a backseat to some of the supporting characters, and I’m kind of glad for that. It’s not that I don’t like Ralph. I do. But sometimes he has a tendency to overshadow everyone else. This week, he kind of played second fiddle to Catherine (who I am loving more and more) and Dixon (who should be required to be shirtless at least once in every episode).

A few thoughts about "Road Trip":

Dixon caught his very own case this week. He was goofing off at one of the hotel pools when a girl started drowning. He saved her life and as it turns out, she was a member of a famous singing family. The doctor reported that the drowning actually saved the girl’s life because she had been poisoned. Ralph assigned the case to Dixon, and he set about "investigating" the case. Dixon’s investigation initially consisted of partying and sleeping with the poisoned girl. Thankfully, he pulled his act together after Jack fussed at him. Dixon found out through a man who was more than a little obsessed with the singer that she was being written out of the family act. Through a little more investigation, Dixon discovered that she knew she had been written out of the act and she was trying to poison her sister so she could take her place. Dixon arrested her for attempted murder. It was interesting to watch Dixon work. He obviously has a weakness for women, but he’s a pretty sharp tack. He seems to be able to read people fairly well and he seems to notice a lot of details. All makings of a good deputy. He still seems to kind of resent the fact that Ralph and Jack treat him like a kid, but I can’t say that I blame them. It’s difficult to navigate parental relationships as your children grow up. To you, they’re always gonna be that little kid running around with a sheet tied around their neck pretending to be Superman.


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