The New Normal Season 1 Review “Dairy Queen” – Milk, Milk, Everywhere

There was a longer title for this review of The New Normal episode "Dairy Queen"–"Milk, Milk, Everywhere, But Not Enough for Shania to Drink." Shania’s odd (but endearing?) fixation on getting her mother’s breastmilk is really what 1/3 of the episode is about. The second third of the show is equally as creepy–Bryan wants to be able to bond with his child so much, he buys a very fetish-looking milk harness for men. Gross. The other third I felt could have been fleshed out a little bit more. But first, let me write a little bit more about the creepy parts.

As you can probably see from my byline below this post, I am a woman. However, what you can’t see is that I’m an unmarried woman without child. I’m also a woman who was not reared on breastmilk. I got good old-fashioned, vitamin-enriched formula. I say all of this because I don’t want to come off as insensitive–some women might feel very strongly about breastmilk and breast-feeding, and it’s your right to do whatever you want for your children’s health. Just know that when I say "creepy," when referring to this episode, the creepiness is coming from the fixation on breastmilk, not the actual usage of it. There–my probably necessary disclaimer is over.


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