Justified Season 4 Review “This Bird Has Flown”

This week’s Justified was full of twists and turns. Two storylines that looked like they were going to be around for the long haul of the season were perfunctorily snuffed out. First, we learned almost immediately that Preacher Billy did indeed die from the snakebite. With nowhere else to go, Ellen May returns to Ava and Boyd and begs to come back "home." Second, with very little effort, Raylan and Rachel track down Lindsey and Randall, who have stolen Raylan’s ill-gotten $20,000 and purchased fighting chickens with the money. Randall’s dreams of managing his own cock fighting ring disappear in a cloud of feathers, or rather bean bags, when Lindsey knocks him out and Raylan takes him into custody. Can this really be the end of Boyd’s and Raylan’s nemeses? If this were another show, I might say yes. But, I don’t think the Justified writers are that quick to abandon storylines.



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