The Lying Game Season 2 Review “A Kiss Before Lying”

The characters on The Lying Game are always skating on thin ice, but this week’s episode, ‘A Kiss Before Lying’, sees their lies unravel even more. It can’t be long before everything blows up in their faces, with Laurel getting closer to the truth about her sister and Sutton discovering some home truths about mommy and daddy Mercer.

Alec is still acting creepy, and I could still do without the sly comments and ominous looks between him and Rebecca. I like my villains to be layered and ambiguous and, while I’m aware this is an ABC Family show, it doesn’t have to be quite so blatant. Rebecca plays the good wife for most of the episode but, when Sutton betrays her and sides with Kristen at a crucial moment, she loses it. Disobedience isn’t tolerated in this family, apparently.


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