Arrow Season 1 Review “Vertigo”

"Vertigo," this week’s episode of Arrow, introduced us to the man behind the latest drug craze in Starling City, The Count. The Count was probably the closest thing to a comic-book-esque villain that we’ve seen so far and his maniacal personality was actually a nice change of pace from all the white collar bad guys we’re used to seeing on Arrow.

The Count wasn’t exactly a well developed character and there wasn’t enough time in the episode to really feel threatened by him, but I enjoyed the eccentric and over the top villainy that he brought to the episode. As is the case with many of the villains on Arrow, I feel like it would have been much more fun to have The Count be part of a short story arc over the course of a few episodes so we could get to know the villain and actually develop a real sense of danger by the time they have their final showdown.



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