American Idol Season 12 Review “Auditions, Part 5”

This episode of "American Idol," we first landed in good old San Antonio, Texas, home of the Alamo, for the fifth installment of auditions. Our first contestant was one Vincent Powell, an "AI" also-ran who didn’t make it past Hollywood week last time out. Alas, Randy’s formidable and imposing Coke-drinking skills got the better of him and he cracked under the pressure. I know how he feels because I wield this same power, when my mom got onto me for drinking a large Coke at the movies, wondering how I could not only drink a large Coke, but go back for a refill later on. Of course, it was my nefarious plan to intimidate her with my devil-may-care soda habits all along, so take that, mom! But I digress.


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