Chicago Fire Season 1 Review “Warm and Dead” – Boden Gets Frontier Justice

One of Chicago Fire‘s most gripping episodes this season, "Warm and Dead," allowed us to get more inside the heart and mind of Chief Boden. As Eamonn Walker said in last week’s conference call (which is now up on TV Equals), the audience does get a better sense of who Boden is as a man outside of the station.

Boden and Ernie: The storyline with Boden and Ernie finally comes to a head as the squad goes on a run that claims a life. The fire was a dumpster fire, started by Ernie. Through troubled calls from a pay-phone, Ernie tells Boden that he’s being forced to commit these crimes by his "Uncle" Ray. Boden really wants to help this kid because he’s still grappling with the guilt of not saving a child from a fire many years ago. In his heart, he’s trying to make Ernie fill that role. Unfortunately, Ernie was right in saying that his uncle would kill him if he found out he had been talking to Boden. When the squad gets a call from Ernie’s apartment complex, Boden finds the boy sprawled on the floor in a closet, dead from smoke inhalation and severe burns.



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