Scandal Season 2 Review “Truth or Consequences”

My grandmother used to say that nothing done in the dark will ever stay there. That’s a lesson that the members of the Roundtable of Evil learned the hard way this week. There wasn’t as much drama this week as there has been the last few weeks, but that’s not to say that there wasn’t a lot going on. This week felt like we were being given a chance to catch our breath before we get the wind knocked out of us again.

A few thoughts about "Truth or Consequences":

Olivia, well, I’m not exactly sure what to say about Olivia. She is supposed to be the white hat in theScandal universe. She’s supposed to be the one that helps people and makes things right, but that’s not really have I’ve ever seen her. I think maybe she started out as the white hat. She was young and idealistic. She had wide eyes and big dreams. Then she got hooked up with people like Cyrus (who I’ll talk about in a minute) and slowly but surely she got dirtier and dirtier. She started moving the line of what she would and would not do. She lost who she was and now there is only what she has become. I mused some time ago that Olivia was more villain than she is hero. Yes, she fixes things, but at what cost? She’s left God knows how many people in her wake. She has destroyed lives in the name of fixing things. She’s lied. She’s cheated. She’s stolen. To top it all off, she keeps a team around her that feels beholden to her in one way or another. Why did she choose Harrison, Abby, Huck, and Quinn to be in her inner circle? Did she do it so that they would blindly go over a cliff for her? It may sound like I’m being overly critical of Olivia and maybe I am, but these are questions she was asking herself. She looked at the woman that she has become and she didn’t recognize her. She knew where she went wrong, but she didn’t know where to start to fix it. Olivia was lost and she needed someone to help her find her way again. Fortunately for her, whatever her reasons for pulling in her Associates, they came to her rescue. When Cyrus was trying to bully Olivia in to backing off on Hollis, she did what she should have done when he bullied her into helping to rig the election. She took a stand. She did it for no other reason than it was the right thing to do. That’s what makes her a white hat. It’s not that she isn’t flawed and not that she hasn’t done some completely horrible things for which she’ll eventually have to answer. What makes her a white hat is that she is not without conscience. She feels her mistakes. She feels her choices. And even at the risk of self-destruction she will try to fix it.


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