'Warm Bodies' Hottie 'R' And More Swoonworthy Undead Boyfriends

by Jessica Marshall

It's fair to say that having high standards when it comes to choosing boyfriends is a good thing. Handsome, sweet and strong? Must-haves. A pulse? Meh. Not necessary. Well...some of us must just have higher standards than others.

Just because his skin is ice-cold or he may suffer from slight decomposition (there are concealers and colognes to cover that up), it doesn't mean he doesn't have the chops to make a great sig-O. Just take R, for instance, the subject of the new zombie romance flick, "Warm Bodies," which hits theaters this week. Nicholas Hoult plays a shambling, brain-hungry, indie-music-loving zombie who fights his way back to humanity to save the girl he has fallen in love with (Teresa Palmer) from hoards of apocalyptic zombies. Swoon!



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