American Idol Season 12 Review “Auditions, Part 6”

Oklahoma brought a bit of a mixed bag of talent to the "American Idol" stage, to say the least- or as far as we saw, anyway, although 45 lucky songbirds ultimately made it through to Hollywood. To be fair, this was an abbreviated version of the show, only around an hour long. But, the two-hour shows tend to focus on a given city for approximately the same amount of time- around an hour for each locale- so it wasn’t that different, overall.

And yet, as ever, there was an inordinate amount of time spent devoted to, shall we say, the dubiously talented. Now I get that some people enjoy that train wreck aspect of the show, but here’s the thing. A few misguided souls notwithstanding, there have been at least two by my count that were clearly staged, at least to a certain degree. My proof? How about the fact that the bad auditioners took part in obviously-taped bits that the contestants had to be in on, simply to take part in filming them in the first place. Either they were in on the joke, or they didn’t realize they were the joke, but either way, it’s either misleading or just plain mean.



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