Do No Harm Season 1 Review “Pilot” – 8.25

In Do No Harm, NBCs latest drama, the theme of Jekyll and Hyde-esque dual personalities is explored. Jason Cole is a neurosurgeon with a secret — between the hours of 8.25pm and 8.25am, he becomes Ian Price, his cruel, hedonistic alterego.

For the past five years, Jason has kept Ian locked away by sedating himself every night, but Ian has become immune to the effects of the special blend sedative Jason has been using. Left with no way of keeping Ian at bay, Jason decides to give him his freedom — at least until he finds a way to ‘kill’ Ian for good.

It’s a good setup, though the flaws may be in the details. Ian has existed for five years at the absolute minimum, though likely longer since there was obviously a span of time in which he was free before Jason began to sedate him. How Ian became a successful and competent surgeon while constantly under the threat of Ian is something that will hopefully be explored soon.


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