House: In Praise of the Fantasy Fling

Dr. House and Dr. Cuddy still didn't really sleep together, but that promises to keep the show interesting.

n the last episodes of House Season Five, Dr. Gregory House and his vixen boss Lisa Cuddy hooked up. Or so we thought. In the season finale, we learned that House hallucinated the whole thing. Damn! Fans have been rooting for the two doctors to get together for years. Looking toward the new episodes coming this fall, one question still lingers: What's going to happen with the "Huddy" story line?

As much as House fans wanted the real thing, the fantasy Dr. House and Lisa Cuddy (affectionately known as "Huddy") hookup is a good thing for the show. (House creator David Shore seems to think so too.)

In the last few episodes of Season Five, Dr. House began to suffer from Vicodin-induced hallucinations -- seeing his friend Wilson's dead girlfriend and letting her influence his medical decisions. In an unexpected twist, House tried to kick his pill habit and hallucinated the one-night stand with Cuddy. Fans expectantly tuned in for "the morning after" episode, only to find that they hadn't really slept together after all. Disappointed? Don't be. We got the best of both worlds -- the excitement of seeing a "Huddy" fling, while maintaining all that pre-coital tension.

A real one-night stand would have overshadowed Dr. House's struggle with Vicodin-induced hallucinations. After all, the show was never about the "Huddy" relationship, but about the extraordinary, troubled mind of Dr. House. What would House be without a Vicodin addiction and a secret lust for his ungettable boss? Normal? That wouldn't be any fun at all.

House's departure for the asylum hasn't spelled the end of "Huddy." At the TCA Press Tour, Shore assured Entertainment Weekly that the Huddy relationship would be further explored this coming season. The main focus of Season Six will be House's time in the asylum and the fallout at Princeton-Plainsboro hospital in the wake of his sudden departure. "House defined the reality he wanted to find," House creator David Shore said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Let's hope he continues to do just that.



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Aug 14, 2009 3:54PM EDT

Oh, I was ecstatic when I found out that it was a hallucination, for the exact reason you stated. The tension is still there- in fact, that tension is growing massively now that House finally "crossed the line" with his public announcement of the fictional hook-up. I felt horrible for Cuddy at that moment- I can't even imagine what that would've felt like (yes, I am aware that Cuddy is a fictional character. lol). I think they found a perfect way to keep the tension AND give us the scene we wanted. Even though it is fictional, it proves House's feelings for her in spades.I'm curious to find out whether she actually DID audit that class she was talking about in the hallucination. I'm guessing that she did, and he figured this out somewhere in his subconscious, which is perfect, because that would reveal Cuddy's feelings in spades, also.

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