Person of Interest Season 2 Review “Dead Reckoning”

Person of Interest may have been gone for a couple weeks, but it made up for the lost time with its best episode of the season – maybe even its best episode ever. There was no secondary person of interest storyline, because all of the action was focused on Team Machine and the newest baddie, Kara Stanton. We all know that Reese has changed since his mercenary days, but last night we saw that he is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in penitence for his past transgressions. Luckily, Finch wouldn’t let that happen.

One thing that Person of Interest does well is bad guys. Root and Elias were both interesting, charismatic characters. Kara Stanton, Reese’s former CIA partner, is less engaging, but not less complex. Kara represents the dark side of what Reese could have become. She kills without a second thought if ordered to do so. She doesn’t ask questions and she isn’t troubled by notions of right and wrong. We got our first glimpse of this in previous flashbacks when Stanton and Reese were ordered to kill each other on a mission in China. Reese was unable to pull the trigger, but Stanton had no problems doing so. This episode showed that when Stanton recovered from the China missile attack, which Reese thought had killed her, she was approached by a different organization and offered a chance for revenge. In exchange, she would need to help them obtain a government hard drive.



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