Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Review “On Thin Ice”

This week on Beauty and the Beast, everyone gave me a headache. A run through of events in ‘On Thin Ice’ is almost painful: the murderer in the case of the week was so obvious one has to wonder why they even bothered with it; Tess decided to go partying, with talking to suspects only a bonus since her main reason for going was to find a rich, single man; Claire, Evan’s girlfriend, works for Muirfield (one of only two bits of this episode that actually worked — I thought it would be the psychologist).

Evan and JT exhumed a body to look for hybrid DNA and all we saw was them rooting around in a coffin in the back of a dark van, which I’m fairly sure isn’t standard procedure anywhere, ever; Alex asked Vincent to run away to Africa with her, which was nice and all, except she still doesn’t even know what his fake job is, let alone his true secret; and Muirfield are officially the most incompetent bad guys on television currently.


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