The Americans Season 1 Review “Pilot”

I was a child of the 80s, and the interesting thing about that is that the Big Red Scare that had been such a menacing presence in the years before it actually came to a sort of end at that time, aka the so-called "Cold War." So, unlike the very real menace that exists now in the form of terrorism, the "Cold War" was a war that actually ended within my lifetime, which is an interesting sort of thing to me, especially in light of more recent events.

I mean, sure, communism and socialism and the like are still used as negative go-to buzzwords for the conservative crowd, but Russia itself is no longer the Big Enemy it once was back in the day. It’s certainly, even at its worst, not nearly as terror-inducing as another thing that happened in my lifetime: 9/11. Unlike the threat of nuclear war that ultimately reached a stalemate back then, that was a series of effective attacks that actually came to pass, and on our own native soil at that. Now that’s scary. I’m not downplaying the intensity that must have existed before I was born during the height of the era, but let’s face it, in retrospect, it’s small potatoes in comparison, ultimately.



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