Ripper Street Season 1 Review “The King Came Calling”

King Cholera is back in town and the citizens of London are in a panic. That is, everyone thinks cholera has returned when people start becoming violently ill and dying. But, if the diagnosis was that easy, there wouldn’t be a mystery for the detectives of Ripper Street to unravel.

The first victim is an obese man from the better side of town, who dies in the middle of the street in Whitechapel. Inspector Reid has the body brought to Captain Jackson’s autopsy room for analysis and is adamant that his police officers will not show fear of the disease in public. Jackson is not convinced that cholera is the cause of the man’s death. Which is a good thing. Cholera had already hit this area of London in 1866, largely because part of Whitechapel had not yet been connected to the new sewage system. People in this poorer area were left with no choice but to consume contaminated water and suffered the consequences. It’s not a wonder even one dead body in the street would start a panic.


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