Deception Season 1 Review “Why Wait” – Robert is Deadlier Than Expected

The mess is hitting the fan now, isn’t it? The latest episode of Deception, "Why Wait," everything has gone pear-shaped, and I predict a certain tabloid reporter is going to get killed in the next episode.

If you didn’t see last night’s episode, I can simply sum it up with this one statement: Edward is not Vivian’s killer, Mia found out she’s not really Sofia and Robert’s daughter, and the only real lead Joanna had–Ben Preswick–is now dead.

I’m a little surprised the show didn’t drag out the "Will Mia figure out she’s Vivian’s daughter" storyline for the rest of the season. It’s rather bold of them to cut it off now, only to escalate the tension (and boy, is it going to escalate, according to the preview for next week).


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