Switched at Birth Season 2 Review “An Acquired Inability to Escape”

After last week’s sweet exchange between Daphne and Travis on Switched at Birth, you’d think in this episode, ‘An Acquired Inability to Escape’, things would have gotten easier for the poor lad. He might have won the girl, but that doesn’t mean the world and all its nastiness can’t invade their new romance. Things are turning darker in general, and there are a couple of characters who now have some soul searching to do.

Starting with Regina, she’s been seeing the sexy saxophone player, Zayn, since reconnecting with him last week, but he doesn’t know about her past. She has been a little lost since learning she couldn’t use her hands for signing or hairdressing anymore, and the worlds of being a responsible parent and a young single woman are clashing now that Angelo is out of the picture. At first, she makes the right decision and tells him goodbye, but a failed job interview later and she’s back on the club scene – and the red wine.



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