The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Review “Fright Night”

We’ve travelled back in time to October on this week’s The Carrie Diaries, ‘Fright Night’, and Carrie is determined to cash in on her new-found New York lifestyle by taking Walt to Larissa’s Halloween party in the city. Before she gets to escape her dull teenage existence, however, she has to deal with the fact that she’s trapped in a school with her ex-boyfriend, and he’s throwing his own Halloween party without inviting her.

The first thing that struck me about this episode was that Walt is still able to hang out with the girls despite his breakup with Maggie a couple of episodes ago. Is this just a convenience demanded by the plot? I guess if he wasn’t present at breakfasts in the diner or chats in the school hallway then we’d never see him, so I’m actually ok with the weird lapse in logic here. Walt is probably my favourite character on the show, and he gets a nice juicy storyline of his own in this episode.



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