Monday Mornings Season 1 Review “Pilot”

If there’s one genre on television that keeps on giving, it’s the medical drama. Monday Mornings is TNT’s attempt at a gripping, gritty, stylish drama that shows the inner workings of a hospital, whilst also making the doctors and surgeons realistic and relatable. Whether or not it succeeded in its aims is probably dependant on how many times you rolled your eyes in the first five minutes, dear reader.

Behind the vocal echoes, the flashes of light between cuts, the extreme close ups (of eyes, mouths, sneakers, water jugs), and the occasional bout of slow motion, Monday Morning is your average medical drama. In fact, it feels like a medical drama made by people who have only seen medical dramas on TV and not actually been inside a working hospital, despite one of the creators being a neurosurgeon. I can only put this down to the gloss that coated this episode, giving everything such a high sheen that even the death of a child lost some of its relevance, the striking use of purple blood and low camera angles making it all morbidly attractive.


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