90210 Season 5 Review “Here Comes Honey Bye-Bye” – Here Comes Shirtless Liam

There is at least one good thing I can say about "Here Comes Honey Bye-Bye," this week’s episode of90210: Liam spent a good chunk of his weekly screen-time with his shirt off. At first, I thought the writers might have been setting up a Fight Club story in order to have even more of these scenes, but Liam’s anger issues only led him and Navid to accidentally join a secret society on the campus that Liam barely attends.

So, yeah. I guess the writers looked at their list of college drama cliches and realized they hadn’t checked off ‘evil secret society’ yet. And if you think I’m jumping the gun on calling them evil…come on. Do you really think joining the Kronos society is going to make Navid and Liam’s lives more wholesome and well-rounded? Clearly you don’t watch Glee because the kid who played the leader of the group was an evil preppy there, too. Hello, typecast for life. 



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