NCIS Season 10 Review “Canary” – The Team Goes Farther Than Ever Before

In this episode of NCIS, called "Canary," the team captures the number two cyber terrorist in the world and use him to try and get to number one. Along the way, they go farther than they ever have before to get their man.

Okay so who else knew that the whole Gitmo thing was a set up from the beginning? I still have to get the show mad props for sticking with it for so long. When observed purely from Khan’s point of view, everyone played their roles perfectly, especially Tony and Ziva. In fact, those two did such a good job that I found myself wavering back and forth the entire episode; wondering if I was wrong and thinking that maybe, just maybe, they really were in Gitmo and there was a security breach. Tony getting shot was the final straw though. This show doesn’t tend to hurt their characters unless it’s really important, so that was a dead-giveaway that it wasn’t real.



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