New Girl Season 2 Review “Table 34? – The Aftermath

The universe doesn’t give with both hands. Yes, last week we got an epic sexy kiss between Jess and Nick, but in "Table 34," this week’s episode of New Girl, we got Nick trying to finagle his way out of responsibility for it, while Schmidt managed to get CeCe back into his bed with a turban. Surprisingly, those two things are sort of connected.

After a significant amount of morning-after-the-kiss awkwardness, Jess wanted to spend the day with CeCe, but that meant going with her friend to an Indian Marriage Convention. Unfortunately for everyone, Schmidt had planned ahead and already signed himself up. Eventually, the whole gang joined them, including Nick who, thanks to his lack of career and goals, got stuck at the undesirable Table 34 with CeCe, because being a model isn’t a good enough career choice.



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