The Office Recap: Life of Brian

It's not entirely clear why we had a double shot of The Office last night. This doesn't seem to be a situation like with Parenthood, where there was a need to burn through the season so the network could finally air Smash, and sweeps don't start quite yet, so it's probably not a ratings stunt. (The ratings for The Office peaked a while ago, but it still does better than any of NBC's other sitcoms.) I guess I could posit that the network thought that the first episode, "Junior Salesman," was fun but as fluffy as Cousin Mose's beard and should therefore be paired with something more substantial, but I can't imagine a scenario in which networks actually think in terms like that. So what we are left with are episodes that weren't meant to be aired together but work nicely as a peek inside the mind of warehouse Nate, which is clearly something everyone has been clamoring for. Read More...


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