Scandal Recap: Nothing to Lose, No Time to Waste

Olivia went to a dark place this week, and everyone seemed to implode in her absence. If she ate carbohydrates, we would have watched her inhale a bag of Oreos and cry into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, live in her pajamas for a few days, and watch back-to-back episodes of The Property Brothers on HGTV like the rest of us. But Liv probably eats Paleo, so she elegantly slipped between her monogrammed satin sheets and slept in the same position like a glass-encased princess for two days straight instead.

This week opens in Defiance, Ohio, with Farmer Hoggett explaining the fancy new touch-screen voting system to a group of Ohioans and a shifty-eyed youth who totally fit in and did not stick out like a sore thumb at all. That youth was Jesse, Quinn’s boyfriend, the one she would later be accused of blowing up, and he was there to switch out the Cytron cases holding the rigged memory cards. He did his dirty business, called Quinn to congratulate her on passing the bar, and hightailed it back to California with a cool $1 million in his pocket, where he spread his delusions of grandeur about quitting to start his own company to all the chumps in cubicles with their morals still firmly in place. Jesse freaks when he sees that Hollis is making $2 billion dollars for his part in this venture, calls to demand an additional $5 million, and spills a cup of coffee on his computer when he throws the phone across the room, basically signing his own death warrant by being greedy. Quick cut to Becky, Huck’s former paramour and would-be presidential assassin, talking to Hollis on the phone before mailing Jesse a bomb with Quinn’s return address. Becky had been messing with Jesse and Quinn all along — she was the one who sent the sexy text that prompted Quinn to assume he was cheating on her, resulting in her calling him and threatening to kill him, which gave Becky the perfect setup to frame Quinn for the bombing until Huck messed it up by kidnapping her and giving her a new identity. As it turns out, she tried to kill the president and frame Huck as a form of revenge against him for messing up the Cytron job. Becky takes being a perfectionist to psychotic levels, proven by the fact that her calling card is murdering an entire family just because Huck thinks they are nice. No loose ends for this one. Read More...


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