'Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'A View To A Kill'

Well, folks, we’re one step closer to the cure. It all seemed a bit too easy, but considering our show is set in the falling-apart Mystic Falls, the gods were probably just trying to cut our characters some slack.

Damon was still locked up; as long as Kol was kickin’ it, Damon was compelled to kill Jeremy, which would've been disastrous for teenage girls everywhere.

You’ll remember from last week's episode that Elena came up with a brilliant plan: Jeremy was going to kill Kol. Seriously. That was her plan. He’d only have to kill one person, and then every vampire that had stemmed from him would die. Assuming there were as many as we thought there were, the deaths would complete Jeremy’s mark. And, Jeremy would stay alive. Read More...



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