Edelstein on Bullet to the Head: On the Rock-Hard Sylvester Stallone As Camera Object

You can guess from the title of Bullet to the Head that the film will be (a) bloody and (b) brainless, and from the name above that title — Sylvester Stallone — that it will be (c) aimed at Neanderthals and (d) hard to watch on account of its star’s (e) vast swamp of narcissism and (f) egregious plastic surgery. I could keep this up all the way to letter z, but on its own degenerate terms, the movie works. Instead of subjecting us to his usual artless thuggery, Stallone has enticed the auteur action darling Walter Hill (my favorite of his films: The Long Riders, Southern Comfort, Hard Times) out of retirement and, based on the evidence, didn’t meddle too much with the camera placement and editing. The upshot is a shoot-‘em-up with a lean palette and relatively streamlined carnage, wet but not sloppy. It can almost pass for "classical." Read More....



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