Switched at Birth Review: "The Acquired Inability to Escape"

This week was promised to be extremely dramatic, which was a setup to the theft of Daphne's food truck, but "The Acquired Inability to Escape" was far more interesting when it was focusing on characters other than Daphne. I have a feeling the after effects of attack will be more interesting than what actually happened to Daphne.

I realized something interesting this week when Emmett told Daphne that she's only into hearing guys. Since we've met her and Regina, the two of them have been incapable of being without a man in their lives. From what I understood of their lives prior to meeting the Kennish family, they were fairly strong, independent women. It seems living easier has taken away their confidence and made them more dependent upon others. There's a struggle going on that they need to address. Read More..



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