'Castle' goes back to its murderous roots and then branches out in 'Recoil'

In "Recoil," "Castle" returned to its founding crime: the murder of Beckett's mother. But there was something different this time. Four seasons of episodes built layer upon layer to the conspiracy behind that one death.There were no new layers in "Recoil." Instead, we saw the new directions "Castle" could take from here.The conspiracy branches outThis episode marked a turning point in the murder mystery surrounding Beckett's (Stana Katic) mother. For four seasons, that mystery grew pretty much straight up from its roots: The seemingly random murder of Joanna Beckett became a targeted hit. The discovery of the hit led to the conspiracy. The retired cops in the conspiracy pointed the way to Montgomery. Because of Montgomery, we got a hired gunman and threats from above. Then we got Senator William H. Bracken (Jack Coleman), the end of the line.By the beginning of season 5, "Castle" could not go up any further. The show instead...



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