The Following Recap: Wives’ Tales

Two more followers were revealed this week. One of them was the guy who we ended on last week, the Poe mask guy. He turns out to be a dude named Rick who has trouble stabbing people, which is a problem since he’s a blind follower of a man who was known for doing that. Rick would prefer his trademark move be that he sets people on fire. Or at least that’s how he feels until halfway through the episode when he decides that stabbing is okay too. This show can’t even keep its own made-up character motivations straight.

The man who fell prey to Rick last week at the hot-dog stand was a book critic. "If you don’t like my piece, call my editor," shouts the critic into his cell phone. "It is too early for this crap." An earlier draft of the script had him saying, "I’m too old for this shit," but then Danny Glover threatened to sue and the show lawyers were like, "Can he even do that?" and made the writers take the line out. That’s some insider knowledge for you guys. In a flashback later, we see Rick visiting Carroll in jail like the others did. It’s like when students come to visit their professors during office hours to discuss what they want to write their papers about. Except this professor is in jail for killing college students just like the ones who are now coming to him to pitch themes for their own murders they want to commit. Read More...


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