'Futurama': Evil creatures, apes and 'science' in Season 7, part 2

The return of "Futurama" to Comedy Central is still several months away. But the time may pass a little faster with this first look at what's to come in the back half of Season 7.The three-minute teaser opens with a bunch of quick bursts of scenes -- Leela beating the bolts out of Bender as a mugger, Prof. Farnsworth turning the Planet Express ship into a dragster, hyperintelligent apes celebrating the arrival of their new office chairs/tire swings. You know, the usual.There are a couple of longer scenes as well, with the crew trying to figure out which of them might be an evil creature in disguise (at the 1:05 mark) and, right after that, the resurrection of Calculon using a bit of black magic -- er, science. Then it's back to the short clips, and it all ends with Fry dying. (OK, probably not, but he doesn't look in very good shape.)Comedy Central hasn't...



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