Justified Season 4 Review “Kin”

From last week’s preview, it was obvious that this week was going to be all about the bag found in Arlo’s wall and Drew Thompson, the man at the center of the mystery. There were some interesting side trips, such as learning that Sheriff Shelby is hiding Ellen May in the hopes she will help him bring down Boyd, but family was the main theme interwoven with the bag investigation. Unfortunately in Harlan, 9 times out of 10, your family will disappoint you.

The complexity of father son relationships has been an important theme in Justified from the beginning. Arlo has shown us just how bad a father can be. Now, it’s Raylan’s turn to decide what role he is going to take in his child’s life. When Winona finally makes her appearance, we learn that despite his efforts to earn extra cash for the baby, Raylan has been remiss in providing Winona any kind of emotional support. While not surprising, it is still disappointing that Raylan hasn’t managed to man up. Raylan is supposed to accompany Winona to the doctor. Not only is he late for the appointment, but he ends up skipping it altogether when he is called into work. Winona knows this is how things will always be with Raylan. It’s one of the reasons she left him. But, it’s still sad to see how Raylan has been neglecting her.


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