Arrow Season 1 Review “Betrayal”

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive. Ollie lies to Moira. Moira lies to Ollie. Lance lies to Laurel. Laurel lies to Tommy. I’m beginning to wonder whether any of these people would know how to tell the truth if their lives depended on it. It’s not that they don’t love each other. They do. They just also happen to have what they consider to be very good reasons for lying, hiding things, and just generally being dishonest with each other. In Ollie and Moira’s case, it’s to protect the ones they care about. In Laurel’s, case it’s to help her get justice for people who otherwise wouldn’t get it. In Det. Lance’s case, it’s to apprehend a dangerous criminal. Whatever their reasons though, their lies came back to bite them in the butt the way lies always do.



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