The Americans Season 1 Review “The Clock”

In the latest, densely-packed episode of "The Americans," I admit it took a bit of time to wrap my brain around what was going on in "The Clock." I think it was mostly because of the way the story was told, and the fact that Philip was going by a different name at times and having an affair with another woman. At first, I thought it was simply a guy that looked a bit like him and that he was the Swedish Intelligence Officer that spy Annelise was supposed to seduce and gain info from.

Once I realized what was up, I re-watched the show a second time, and it all became clear. I found it fascinating how the show sort of flipped the script on things this week. Last week, you were sort of on Philip’s side at first, as Liz was being awfully cold to him, which in turn explains why he would have the affair on this episode. Liz was also completely at odds with him on the possibility of staying put in America and defecting, outright refusing to even consider such a thing.



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