Supernatural Season 8 Review “Everybody Hates Hitler” – Necromancer Nazis and Golems, Oh My!

In this episode of Supernatural, "Everybody Hates Hitler," Sam and Dean venture into the Men of Letters lair and discover another man dealing with a unique piece of his own legacy.

Well, we’ve all been hearing about it for a week and tonight we finally got to see the Men of Letters headquarters. After everything we’d been hearing about it, I was excited to see what it looked like and though I do agree that it is beautiful, I only wish we’d spent more time in it. But I suppose they have to dole it out to us in little bits so that they can spread it out. I can’t wait to see the boys’ separate rooms and how they each decide to decorate. According to Bob Singer, Dean is going to put up posters and my mind is already racing trying to guess what they would be.



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