Parks and Recreation Season 5 Review “Ann’s Decision”

Ever since the beginning of season two, Parks and Recreation has vacillated between "superlative comedy" and "the best comedy on television". However, the show has had one glaring problem through much of that period: Ann Perkins. This fact has absolutely nothing to do with the mega-talented Rashida Jones, but plenty to do with a lack of role for her character. In the past few seasons, the last few vestiges of a role have slowly started to erode as Ben Wyatt has become every bit Leslie’s closest friend as Ann ever was. At a certain point, if left unattended, the show would basically write Ann out of the show. Viewed through this prism, it could be seen as encouraging what they did with Ann Perkins this evening. Dating yourself is one thing, but searching for a sperm donor is sure to draw out the maniacal planner in Leslie Knope.



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