Community Season 4 Review “History 101?

Well, here we are folks! I thought this day might never come! It’s been almost 9 months since the season three finale, but "October 19th" is here at last! Community returns with the season four premiere "History 101?, and it’s so great that this show was able to come back to our televisions after a 9 month hiatus with absolutely no behind the scenes drama at all! Wait…whaaat?

So yeah, there was definitely quite a lot of crazy stuff going on since Community last aired on May 17th of last year. Most notably we had Community creator and showrunner Dan Harmon being fired and replaced by Moses Port and David Guarascio, NBC delayed season four and temporarily moved it to Friday, and Chevy Chase has left the show and will not appear in the last few episodes of the season! Phew! I think you could definitely argue that Community has had more off-screen drama than any other show on television in the last year, so the question on everybody’s mind is: What will season four be like?! Will the show feel different? Will it still be funny? Read on to find out…


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