Scandal Season 2 Review “Nobody Likes Babies”

Where do I even start with this week’s Scandal? I figured the biggest reveal was going to be finding out who actually hired the assassin to kill Fitz. Turns out, that was only one of many surprising reveals. If there’s one thing that can be said about Scandal, it’s that they certainly know how to pack a whole lot of drama into 42 minutes. As is usually the case with this show, I could benefit from a second viewing before writing a review. But since I can’t do that, I’ll give it my best shot. Brace yourselves. This could get pretty long. You have been warned.

A few thoughts about "Nobody Likes Babies":

Well, Verna, it appears that turnabout is fair play. I am sorry to say that Verna had me fooled. She is just as evil as Hollis and Cyrus. I’ll get to Cyrus in a minute, but let’s start with Verna because she was really the catalyst for much of this week’s action. It seems that Verna has been playing everyone. She put on this facade of remorse and concern about turning Huck in, but in actuality she didn’t care. Not really. She just needed Hollis to go down for the assassination to prevent David from pursuing theelection rigging scheme any further. Verna made some big speech to Olivia about trying to protect and restore the soul of America, but as has been the case with everything about her, it was all a lie. She wanted to preserve her own legacy. The whole time she’s been out for herself. That’s why she helped rig the election. It wasn’t because she believed in Fitz. It wasn’t because she thought he would make a good president. She wanted to be on the Supreme Court, and he was her way of getting there. Nothing more.


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