Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Review “Cold Turkey”

This week on Beauty and the Beast, Cat attempted to go ‘Cold Turkey’ by staying away from Vincent. But while he was heading to a love shack — sorry, cabin — with Alex, the police were gearing up to raid Alex’s apartment as part of the investigation into missing drugs at the hospital. Not only did Cat have to hurry over there and erase all traces of Vincent from the apartment, but after finding a Muirfield bug, she had to go up to the cabin and help save the day.

As far as episodes of BatB go, this one had even less plot than usual. It almost worked, though. While Vincent was whiny and annoying for most of the episode, Cat finally showed a bit of character evolution and came to a conclusion about their relationship: it isn’t something she needs right now. Given that she was the second choice — regardless of his reasoning — and that being with Vincent would mean sneaking around even more than she does now, it was perhaps the best decision Cat could have made. Of course, given the basis of the show, she’s going to be sneaking around with him for at least the next ten episodes.



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