Do No Harm Season 1 Review “Do’t Answer the Phone”

This week’s Do No Harm, snappily entitled ‘Don’t Answer the Phone’, saw Ian taking his shared body for a joyride, blowing Jason’s money, and getting them both into some shady dealings with drug dealers. While it was only mildly irritating for Ian, Jason was terrified. But after finding his inner Ian, Jason managed to defuse the situation, get the drug dealers out of the picture, and even found a little spare cash to help save a patient’s eyesight.

There are still parts of Do No Harm that just don’t work for me. While Jason’s job provides some decent medical drama scenes for Jason, it only hinders the overall premise of the show. We know that Jason will have to spend most of his time at work during the day, no matter what is happening in the background. Unfortunately, his job doesn’t provide any real excitement; we could watch any medical drama for cute kids with medical issues. Ian is the most interesting part of this show, and yet his nocturnal adventures are, for the most part, missing unless they involve Lena.


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