Person of Interest Season 2 Review “One Percent”

After taking a detour into heavier storylines the past couple weeks, Person of Interest went back to its standard formula: Finch and Reese trying to save (or stop) the person identified by the machine. Having made it through prison, kidnapping, and having a bomb strapped to his chest, you would think that keeping a billionaire software developer safe would have been a piece of cake for Reese. As he discovered, someone with unlimited resources can be unpredictable.

With uncharacteristic exasperation, Reese asks Finch, "How do we keep up with a guy who breaks all the rules?" The action centered around Logan Pierce, a Cal-Tech dropout with a "dangerous amount" of curiosity, who founded a social networking site called Friendczar. The main theme of the episode was the role that friends play in one’s life, so the title of the site was not exactly subtle and probably wasn’t meant to be. Pierce comes to doubt the decisions made by his business partner and friend, Ogilvy, whose only focus is crushing the competition. Pierce makes a secret deal with a start-up that will compete with Friendczar. Ogilvy doesn’t take this well and tries to kill Pierce.



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