Nikita Season 3 Episode 10 Review “Brave New World”

We all knew it was coming, but Division 2.0 has officially stepped onto the slippery slope that leads them to the very organization they were trying to replace. In this week’s Nikita, ‘Brave New World’, our heroine tries to find the man apparently able to re-grow severed limbs, but runs into some meaty moral dilemmas along the way. Is her fiancé’s hand worth other people’s lives?

The honorable goals and high expectations from episode one of this season have long-since evaporated, what with lost limbs, failed missions, internal moles and agents slipping back into drug addiction, but now they’re closer than ever to the shady business they swore they’d never be again. Ryan is doing his best Percy impression by ‘controlling the narrative’ (as Birkoff puts it) around Nikita botched job, and the government are so impressed by his efforts that they give him and his team some more sanctioned missions to be getting on with. They don’t say as much, but we can assume that refusing these jobs would spell trouble.



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