The Walking Dead Season 3 Review “The Suicide King”

Well folks, here we are again! After a somewhat turbulent hiatus saw showrunner Glen Mazzara leave the show several weeks back, The Walking Dead has returned after a 10 week drought with a tense and satisfying episode in "The Suicide King".

Tonight’s installment picks up right where "Made to Suffer" left off back in early December. It turns out my prediction was correct, and both Merle and Daryl stay alive and escape Woodbury. You can’t promote a new video game if your character is dead, after all! The group escaping Woodbury and the clutches of The Governor wasn’t much of a surprise to me, but Merle’s reaction to his newfound freedom definitely was. So as soon as Merle gets out of Woodbury he turns back into a racist a**hole? Really, Walking Dead writers? We’re doing this whole song and dance again? I was praising thewriters for making Merle a little less one-dimensional in the first half of the season, but now he seems to be reverting to the cartoonish redneck that made him so unlikable in season one. It makes it all the more maddening that Daryl would join back up with him and leave the group that’s served him so well for months. Remember all those great scenes between Merle, Andrea and Michonne a few episodes back? When he seemed to be genuinely sympathizing with them and was maturing as a human being? No? Don’t worry, the writers don’t remember either.


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