Once Upon a Time Season 2 Review “Tiny” – Fee Fi Fo Fum

Once Upon a Time returned this week in a big way with "Tiny," the story of Anton the Giant (played once again by Jorge Garcia), yet another fairy-tale character who didn’t quite fit into his world. Unfortunately, Anton’s desire to be part of the human world led to him making friends with the very bad duo of Prince James (the real, d-bag one who got himself killed) and Jacqueline aka "Jack," both of whom wanted to steal some magic beans and slay some giants.

Poor Anton. Understandably, watching his family slain and their treasure looted didn’t exactly endear him to humans, especially ones who look like Charming. So when Cora captured him and brought him to Storybrooke, all it took was one look as Charming for Anton to go off on a revenge rampage. Aided by Regina, he stormed through the town, and would only be momentarily calmed by mention of Emma. But when Snow and Charming couldn’t produce her, more on that later, he only agreed to spare the town in exchange for Charming’s life.



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