'New Girl': The aftermath of a kiss in 'Table 34'

Jess and Nick kissed. It happened. That first kiss is over. So what happens next? If you guessed "Indian marriage convention," then congratulations -- you are far more perceptive than most. That, or you're far more in-tune with the insanity that is "New Girl." Because an Indian marriage convention is exactly what we get in "Table 34."The road to "Table 34"We can guess why procreation-obsessed Cece (Hannah Simone) would be at the convention. After all, she wants to find a good, stable husband to father her children ASAP. She's the easy one. As for the others...Jess: Of course Cece is the first to know about the kiss between Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick (Jake Johnson). And because Jess chooses to obsess about said kiss (and rightly so), Cece brings her friend along to the convention.Schmidt: He finds out that Cece would be there. And where Cece goes, Schmidt (Max Greenfield) follows. In a turban.Nick...



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